Our Crust’s first day at the Beaufort Street Festival!


Before our Crust officially opened, it hit the streets of Mount Lawley and gave out over 1000 pieces of Crust pizza at the Beaufort St Festival. We were excited about our new second home as first impressions were great! There was such an amazing vibe with great tunes pumping all day, funky art all down Beaufort Street, amazing food and fab shopping bargains.

We met lots of awesome people, built a tower of empty pizza boxes which I’m calling the Leaning Tower of Crust Pizza Boxes as it collapsed at the end of the night and I copped one on the head! We even met a dog that only eats Crust pizzas (below)!!

This dog only eats Crust branded pizza!!

We are now even more excited about opening – everyone was so lovely and we’ve got such awesome neighbours. Dome Mount Lawley looked after us really well – burger boy pretty much made one corner of Dome his little office the couple of weeks we were interviewing for staff and they have the best strawberry milkshake 🙂 And the guys at the 24hr Beaufort Street Chemist gave our staff a discount at the Beaufort Street Festival just for being neighbours – we’ll have to go visit soon.

We were very excited to try Zambrero’s yummy burritos earlier in the week… the beef in my burrito was super tender, the fillings were generous and best of all it cost us $26 all up and burger boy and I had a burrito & drink each.

Burrito from Zambrero Mount Lawley

I normally feel quite sleepy after a big meal but after Zambrero’s we had plenty of energy to hit the streets of Mount Lawley.

Before our Crust Pizza dinner sess at the festival, burger boy and I went for a wander down Beaufort Street and wow, I couldn’t believe how many people were out and about.

The Beaufort Street crowd...

First on the list was the cream coffee I had seen everyone carrying around. It was $4 well spent, super sweet & creamy and it gave me the caffeine kick I needed. I loved it so much that when asked if I needed anything when burger boy’s parents arrived that was my special request.

Cream coffee...I am in love

For lunch we had a satay chicken and gozleme…which hit the spot. It was quick & easy…and the line wasn’t too long compared to some of the others (15 minute wait).

Satay chicken cooking…6 of those are mine!

Satay chicken cooking at BOFO

Gozlemes in the making…the beef one is ours!


Oh it was good! Check out the satay sauce…

Satay chicken at Beaufort Street Festival

It was then time to head back to our Crust Pizza dinner sampling sess. We had learned from our lunch sampling that our pizzas lasted less than a minute each and only those within arms reach were in with a chance. So we staggered our samplings so that we could give as many people as possible the chance to taste our pizzas (made at the Subiaco store by our Crust Mount Lawley team and delivered to our soon-to-be store at the festival).

Some of the Crust gourmet pizzas on our Beaufort Street Festival sampling menu included…the Peri-Peri chicken, Crust Supreme, Seafood, Garlic Prawn, Five Spice Pork Belly, Peking Duck, Mediterranean Lamb, BBQ Chicken, Meat Deluxe, Vegetarian Supreme.

Crust Supreme seems to be popular...

I was really keen to get on the red truck below for a lift to 399 before end of Beaufort Street Festival drinks especially after 9 hours on my feet but the red truck service was over!

These cars going up and down BOFO were cool

I did however have some yummy pork & lime empanandas from Marcelita’s, which are delicious as always, and curries from Gogo. I had only planned to order a mango lassi but they had run out and after waiting 10 or so minutes I didn’t want to leave empty handed!

Check out all the pics from our day at Beaufort Street Festival on the Crust Mount Lawley facebook page!


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