Thank you for my early Christmas present Koko Black!


I was really excited to pick up my Koko Black package from the post office this morning, I didn’t have time to open it though as I was rushing off to a hen’s day in the Swan Valley.

I absolutely love presents! I love watching others open them as much as I love tearing them apart. Anyway below is the massive box I was unwrapping, felt like it was teasing me as after I managed to get through the box there was a tightly taped foam box then lots of tissue paper to rummage through…

Koko Black gift

It was worth the effort though, underneath all that tissue paper was a gorgeous limited pencil tin which Koko Black calls the ‘Summer Carol’, it was the perfect dessert after my slow cooked corn beef…

Koko Black - Christmas Pencil Tin

Inside the pencil tin were:

  • White chocolate wands – these were sweet and creamy. I have a soft spot for white chocolate 🙂 so I had two of these…
  • Chocolate baubles & santa – these are just plain milk chocolate which I find are sometimes the best
  • Chocolate snowman – this had a delicious hazenut filling (very similar in tasting to Lindt’s)
  • Chocolate Christmas tree – this was a dark chocolate with mint filling, I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but the mint was yummy

I feel completely stuffed now…probably ate 3 more chocolates than I should have in one go 🙂

I also love the pencil tin – it’s drawn by Katja Krummel, a Koko Black drawing prize winner. ‘Summer Carol’ is $19 and I’m told this and the other choccies in the 2011 Christmas Collection arrives in the first week of November and can be found at the Koko Black salons (Claremont if you’re in Perth) or online

I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas gifts yet but Koko Black has given me a few ideas 🙂 the other choccie gifts in the 2011 Christmas Collection are below:

The Koko Black Advent Calendar ($45) – the strawberry pop with sherbet fizz and light pineapple pavlova sounds delicious.
Koko Black - Advent Calender

Chocolate snowmen in three sizes – white, milk or dark 🙂 small $16, medium $34 and large $98!  

Koko Black - Snowmen

A Koko Black stocking ($32) filled with chocolate goodness!
Koko Black - Christmas Stocking

‘Chocolates of Latitude’ $46 – a box filled with chocolate cigars from Mexico, chocolate coffee beans, chips and chocolate.

Koko Black - Chocolates of Latitude

Or you can make your own chocolate gift boxes – $22 for 9, $35 for 16 and $52 for 25 choccies.

Koko Black - Gift Box Christmas

Thank you Koko Black, I will be coming by for a bit of Christmas shopping closer to Christmas 🙂

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  1. Oh they look delicious! I love seeing the Christmas ranges of boutique chocolate companies. I haven't been to Koko Black yet but I can't wait :D
  2. That is pretty special, I am looking for some unusual chocolates for my mum this year as its the only thing we can really get for her so the variation is usually in making them a little quirky.

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