All meated out, thanks to Hippo Creek Subiaco!


Hippo Creek, 375 Hay Street, Subiaco, (08) 9381 6828
Open everyday for lunch & dinner

burger boy and I have just come home from a meaty lunch at the newish Hippo Creek in Subiaco. I had purchased a groupon voucher for $59 (valued at $156) and had been looking forward to this lunch for months – I was pretty worried when I got the tummy bug on Wednesday. Luckily it went away just in time…I officially got my appetite back today.

What I was most impressed about Hippo Creek was the service and quality of food. My last discount voucher restaurant experience wasn’t great so I wasn’t expecting much today but we were treated like all the other diners and the food was a great tasting to Hippo Creek’s African fare.

Here’s the set menu we had…

2 glasses of house white or red wine

House Wine at Hippo Creek Subiaco

The house white wine was nice.

½ dozen of African Oyster Kilpatrick to share

Oyster Kilpatrick at Hippo Creek Subiaco

These were ok, different to the usual Kilpatrick, flavour-wise it tasted like bolognaise sauce to me.

Assegai with choice garlic or peri peri butter;
Surf and Turf; or the
Vegetarian dish of the day

burger boy had the assegai with the peri peri butter.

Assegai at Hippo Creek Subiaco

The assegai is essentially rump on skewers and it tasted as good as it looked. burger boy had asked for the assegai to be cooked medium which it was for some pieces and well done for others (I eat my beef well done so it was good for me :)). If you love meat you’ll love the assegai!

And the peri peri butter acted as a good chip dip 🙂 the peri peri flavour was subtle but nice.   

I had the surf and turf which was cooked well done exactly to my liking and although it was sirloin, the steak was still tender. My beans were yum as were the prawns and potato cake. The squid was a little tasteless.

Surf & turf at Hippo Creek Subiaco

Vanilla ice-cream with Mars Bar Sauce

Vanilla icecream with Mars Bar sauce - Hippo Creek Subiaco

Dessert was very simple but I don’t think we would have been able to fit anymore. Plus burger boy and I love mars bar ice-cream – the only other places I know make Mars Bar ice-cream is Perth Gelato Italia (251 Hay Street)  in East Perth, Simmo’s Icecreamery in Mandurah and my Chinese mamma (she makes yummy cake batter, green tea and mango ice-cream too). Let me know if you know of any others!

It was a delicious meal and a really nice outing on a warm Spring day. burger boy and I will definitely be back to Hippo Creek and would be more than happy to pay full price next time.

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  1. Hi - love your site... great idea!! I was going to ask your advice. Im wanting to organise a dinner out for my birthday (with probably about 20 people) and would love to go somewhere with tasty, good food (where the chef really knows what they're doing!)... without being limited to getting crazy small portions and without paying the earth too. I wanted a classy yet social atmosphere. Can you think of anywhere that ticks those boxes that you've been to?? Already done Bonsai in Northbridge last week, doing Hippo Creek next week so those two are out. But something similar to Bonsai would be great. :) Look forward to any suggestions!!
    • Thanks Moira. I love birthday celebrations - any reason to have gr8 food with awesome company! My fav Japanese tapas restaurant is Ha-lu (it is a bit pricier than Bonsai but the food is amazing). It is a intimate setting but it should fit 20 if you book. Duende is my fav for tapas atm, service is great - portion is decent for tapas, atmosphere is great but a bit more on the pricier side but well worth it. My sis-in-law went there for her birthday last month and everyone loved it. I do love Hippo Creek - you'll have to let me know what you think :)

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