Sweet Java, Indonesian food hidden in the quieter streets of Mount Lawley…


My friend Miss Jimmy took me to Sweet Java, a cute little Indonesian restaurant on Grosvenor Road in Mount Lawley tonight.

I was very intrigued by this dim lit restaurant. Looking in from the outside is a green closed door, so closed that we weren’t sure if Sweet Java was open. The only indication that it was a restaurant was the small window to the side.

Sweet Java

I had the nasi goring special $18

Nasi Goreng Special at Sweet Java

  • The fried rice was nice;
  • The egg was a bit too cooked and thick for my liking;
  • The chicken pieces were delicious, nice and tender;
  • The chicken skewers were warm, I would have like them hot, satay sauce was nice; and the
  • Prawn crackers weren’t as crunchy as I usually like.

Miss Jimmy had the Kambing Bakar $20 which was a dozen bite size pieces of BBQ lamb served on salad with soy sauce, cut chilli and diced Spanish onion and tomato. The lamb wasn’t tender enough but Miss Jimmy enjoyed the dish still.

Kambing Bakar at Sweet Java

The setting was beautiful but it was a no frills restaurant, there were no entrees or desserts, just a selection of mains and the option of soft drinks / teas. Sweet Java however is BYO and there’s no corkage charge. Service was nice and very homely. Price-wise it was expensive for Indonesian food, but I haven’t been to anywhere like Sweet Java before in Perth and was happy to pay.

The Indonesian food is authentic and the owner/chef said on request for functions she does cook Indonesian desserts. Worth a try if you enjoy Indonesian food and happy to pay a little more for the setting. They don’t take bookings so just rock up.

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  1. Darren Robinson on
    Hi, Just an update on Sweet Java, They do take bookings, Friday night and Saturday night you will need to book as it was full to busting saturday when we went so unfortunately have not yet tried the food. The gentleman that spoke with us was extremely polite, friendly and very apologetic at not being able to seat us.

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