Dim sum at Golden Century – it was worth the wait! (Closed)


8/2/15 Update: these guys have since closed 

We went to Golden Century in Northbridge for dim sum on Sunday. I didn’t have breakfast and was absolutely starving when we got there – I always forget that there’s always a wait on Sunday no matter where you go for dim sum in Perth.

It wasn’t too bad though, was about a 15 minute wait and as soon as we were seated we had food coming our way. The hardest thing was trying to take photos before they were eating…check out the BBQ pork buns! I just got in just before they were taken away by the chopsticks 🙂

BBQ pork buns

burger boy and I love bbq porkbuns…between the four of us at dim sum we had 6!

BBQ Pork Buns at Golden Century

Baked Egg Tarts

I don’t normally have baked egg tarts at dim sum because I like to eat my savory dishes first before the sweet and by the time I’m ready for sweets, I only ever have enough room for one dessert and always choose the almond jelly or mango pudding over the egg tarts.

I was however very impressed, the egg was delicious and the pastry was great too, it was warm and all stayed together nicely. I’m often served cold egg tarts so it was a nice change.

Baked Egg Tarts at Golden Century

Pork Dumplings

I had pork dumplings the day prior at my mum’s place so I didn’t try these pork dumplings but our friends loved these. It was filled with broth / pork mince.

Coriandar & Prawn Dumplings at Golden Century

Coriander and prawn dumpling

These were a winner too.

Scallops & Prawn Dumplings at Golden Century

Glutineous rice

I love glutinous rice and this had  plenty of  meat so I was happy 🙂 I hate it when dim sum places are stingy with their meat.

Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaves at Golden Century

Glutinous Rice at Golden Century

Beef meat balls

I tend to stick to the same dishes so I didn’t try these either. burger boy had picked them and he was the only one who liked it so I wouldn’t recommend these unless you have a real thing for meat balls.

Beef Meat Balls at Golden Century

Scallop & prawn dumpling with caviar

The scallop and prawn dumpling was also a winner amongst the friends. I don’t eat caviar so I didn’t have these, but it looked pretty tasty.

Pork Dumplings with Caviar at Golden Century

Custard bun

These were nice and became a new addition to our range of dim sum dishes. Though I did prefer the custard buns at Hinz better as the custard was runnier / tastier. The custard in the custard bun at golden century was drier.

Steamed Custard Buns at Golden Century

Mango Pudding

My mum makes an amazing mango pudding which is hard to top but this was ok. It was made with real mango and topped with condensed milk. Though the condensed milk was too thin / diluted for my liking and I felt like my mango pudding was swimming in it.

Mango Pudding at Golden Century

We had a nice time at Golden Century, the service was quick and the dim sum was great – well worth the $105. Plus I normally feel quite sleepy after dim sum because of the msg and I didn’t after dim sum at Golden Century so I was very happy with that.


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    • I reckon it wasn't too bad especially considering the line :) but I sure was hungry!! The last time I felt like dim sum, we ended up going to Edo Shiki in the city because I couldn't be bothered lining up...was the best alternative at the time but nothing on Golden Century / any other Northbridge dim sum!

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