Authentic Mexican food at Flying Taco in North Perth


The Flying Taco, 40 Angove Street, North Perth, (08) 9227 6393
Open Wed – Sun 11am til late

burger boy was set on having Mexican food last night so on the recco from fellow Perth food & wine blogger Good Drop we went to Flying Taco in North Perth.

It just took one bite into my carne asada quesadilla to bring back all the memories of the Mexican street food we had devoured on our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas last year.

Mexican street food in the making   Soft tacos from the streets of cabo

On our first night out in Cabo San Lucas after some bad nachos at Cabo Wabo, we stumbled upon a street vendor selling soft tacos. We had no idea how to order but with a little bit of pointing and for what is equivalent to an Aussie dollar we had the most amazing soft tacos we’ve ever had! The salsa and carne asada filling at Flying Taco is what I found resembled the street food we had in Cabo.

Before going into the details of how delicious our Mexican food was at the Flying Taco, I thought I’d start from the beginning and map out our experience for those of you who haven’t been to Flying Taco yet.

The Flying Taco

burger boy had called in the morning to see if he could book a table but being a very small eatery Flying Taco don’t take bookings so as soon as we got there I took a seat and burger boy went to suss out the menu. He came back with funky little menus which explained exactly how to order and what everything was:

  1. Choose a style – burrito $16, bare burrito $16, quesadilla $13, tacos $10
  2. Choose a filling – carne asada (steak), carnitas (pork), pollo (chicken), hongos (mushrooms), papas (potatoes & zucchini)
  3. Choose a salsa – pico de gallo (mild), salsa verde (medium), salsa chipotle (hot)

Those of you who have been following my blog will know I’m all for restaurants and cafes that make it easy to understand how to order without needing to ‘find’ someone to ask so I was impressed already.

The quesadilla (a large flour tortilla grilled with melted cheese and choice of filling and salsa) was a winner straight away – can’t go wrong with melted cheese & meat! As one of my colleagues and fellow blog readers, JKot would say, I am indeed a carnivore!

Quesadillla with carne asada

Each part of my quesadilla could have been eaten on its own as it was that good (hence the bare burrito on the menu)!

The grilled tortilla tasted like a crispier Malaysian roti 😉 and the steak was really tender – the lime juice, garlic and oregano combination was delicious. Another plus was that the quesadilla all stayed together really well and was super easy to eat – a very important factor especially on a Friday night after a long week’s work.

I was a little worried about the chilliness of the jalapenos in the mild salsa I had selected but the staff at the Flying Taco assured me that I wouldn’t even be able to taste the jalapenos and he was right. The salsa was delicious – light and tasty just as I remembered on the streets of Cabo and there was no spice factor.

burger boy had the burrito which was a floured tortilla rolled filled with rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, grilled pineapple and slow-cooked crispy pork (tasted just like pull pork!). burger boy was not a boy of many words whilst he was eating. He absolutely loved the burrito and thought the pork balanced the grilled pineapple perfectly. Safe to say he was very full!

Burrito with carnitas

It must have been a night of flashbacks as burger boy’s burrito actually reminded me of the amazing Philly Cheesesteak we had in New York – perhaps it was the way it was wrapped / how burger boy was holding it for the photo…

burger boy’s burrito at Flying Taco in North Perth

burger boy’s Philly Cheesesteak in NYC
Philly Cheesesteak NYC

We also tried the home-made hibiscus iced tea which on it’s own, I thought was a little different / hard to drink, but with the food it actually tasted ok and helped to balance the savoury goodness of our Mexican food.

We had an awesome feed at Flying Taco and I highly recommend checking it out for authentic Mexican food if you haven’t already! Flying Taco is also BYO and takes eftpos.

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  1. I can't believe you haven't mentioned how expensive this is for what is essentially very overpriced ordinary Mexican food. Pork.. Tough, tough tough. Tastes and Flavours not so good, service very ordinary at best. $10 for 2 tiny tacos or $16 for a burrito.. Wow.
    • I enjoyed the flavours and we've had the pork many times and it's been super tender every time. Yes it's a bit more than your Zambrero's and Mad Mex but I wouldn't call it expensive. I did have one instance where service wasn't that friendly but for a quick meal I wasn't that fussed.

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