XO Lounge, my second impression wasn’t as flash


My friend Ami shouted me lunch at the XO Lounge the other week (thanks chic, was great catching up!).  She had a $29 voucher from one of the deals websites which entitled us each to:

  • A glass of beer or wine;
  • The choice of a steak sandwich or a orange grazed chicken salad; and
  • Coffee or tea.

I went to the XO Lounge the week before for a supplier function where we were served amazing champagne, scallops and other delicious canapes so my expectations were pretty high before I even got there.

Being a work day we opted for a lemon lime and bitters and we both felt like something more substantial so we both selected the steak sandwich.

Lemon Lime & Bitters, XO Lounge

The steak sandwich (normally $18) wasn’t to my liking…

According to the menu it was meant to be a char grilled premium fillet steak with crunchy fried onions, oven roast tomatoes with beetroot jam, mustard mayo & greens on crusty pagnotta bread.

Steak Sandwich & Onion Rings, XO Lounge

  • The edges of my steak was burnt, I had asked for my steak to be cooked well done
  • There was beetroot smeared all over my steak which dominated the flavours and it was hard to eat
  • I don’t eat onion rings but I felt the batter was a bit soggy and not crunchy as described (although Ami did enjoy this)

Personally, I wouldn’t ever have thought I’d be eating a steak sandwich at the XO Lounge, if it wasn’t for the voucher I’d select the marinara which costs just $5 more than the steak sandwich. If you want a good steak sandwich in the Perth city, go to The Boheme (review here).

I think if a restaurant or any business for that matter is trying to generate business through the ‘deals websites’ then they really need to put every effort into their offer, from selection of menu item through to the delivery. As those taking up the deals are most likely to be ‘new’ customers sampling their food for the first time and first impressions count – it was a good thing that this wasn’t my first impression.

My latte on the other hand was great, it had a smooth texture and the right amount of caffeine.

latte, XO Lounge

For $29 ,it was pretty good value but I felt my foodie experience wasn’t as I had expected. Ami had been to XO Lounge a few times and loved the food every time so perhaps the steak sandwich probably wasn’t the best introduction to their food. The service was great but it was uncomfortably hot, the heater was fully cranked and it wasn’t until we were half way through our meals that the lounge cooled down.

I’d be keen to try XO Lounge again but only because I had experienced an amazing foodie experience at the supplier function I went to the week prior. If we had paid full price for the meals and had specifically selected the steak sandwich, I think it’d be a different story.

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  1. totally agree with the point about companies offering a first timer experience that they should be doing so in the best possible manner which would include a good selection of fine food etc! there is no point serving average food in this case! also sounds with the two options that they were trying to cut costs.. i would much rather prefer a full selection of the menu to choose from !
    • Yea me too Caviar Girl. I completely appreciate that it may put pressure on staff having an influx of bookings at no profit and possibly an expense but a very average and limited selection makes it hard to 'judge' the restaurant / decide whether it is worth going back at full price. The other thing which frustrates me about the discount vouchers is that sometimes it is hard to book the restaurant to use the voucher. Been trying for a good couple of weeks to book Hippo Creek which specifies you have to email a certain address. My first attempt to book using my foodie cravings email account bounced, my second attempt was Monday night so hoping I hear soon...before I have to follow-up with a phone call. The voucher has a 5 month expiry date so I've only got a few of months left and I'm told Hippo normally books out months in advance! It's these experiences which makes me think twice about buying a restaurant voucher...

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