Love the drinks, food & service at Cheeky Sparrow, newish Perth bar in Wolf Lane


Cheeky Sparrow, 1/317 Murray Street, Perth City, (08) 9486 4947
Open Mon – Fri Breakfast & Lunch; Dinner / Drinks Tue – Sat

When we were on holidays in Melbourne last month, I was reading all the tweets about the new Perth bar that had opened up in Wolf Lane so I was pretty excited to finally go to Cheeky Sparrow for drinks & dinner last week.

Cheeky Sparrow newish Perth bar

My friend extremisjae (an extreme gamer amongst other things) and I were only planning to have drinks at Cheeky Sparrow as I wasn’t sure if they had items on their menu that was substantial enough for dinner. When we saw that there were larderboards and pizza we knew we weren’t going anywhere for awhile.

The service was really personable and friendly. The waitress who looked after us knew the drinks and food menu really well and was able to help with our foodie decisions.

After a couple of ciders we were tempted by the cocktails on offer. I’ve learnt from past experiences that picking a cocktail without asking for more details can usually result in something I can barely drink, especially when I only like sweet cocktails. The waitress recommended a sweet cocktail (the name escapes me) but took her own initiative to change my selection when she went to the bar for a sweeter cocktail on recommendation by the bar staff. This could have gone either way but she took the risk and I loved my cocktail…

Cocktails at Cheeky Sparrow

My cocktail was delicious, it was like a dissolved fruit tingle so as you can imagine it was very very sweet similar to a cosmopolitan.

Chilli & Cucumber Cocktail at Cheeky Sparrow

Extremisjae had the house chilli & cucumber cocktail which sounds strange but extremisjae thought the the chilli gave him the ‘kick’ he needed, like a healthy boost juice with guarana and the cucumber was refreshing especially after his gym work out.

The food menu wasn’t huge but there was a nice selection of larderboards and pizzas to choose from.

We ordered the Spanish board which had chorizo and prosciutto and a choice of two antipastos – we chose the roasted capsicums and sun-dried tomatoes.

Spanish Board at Cheeky Sparrow

My fav on the board was the chorizo, the flavours were amazing and it triggered my cravings for more at the Perth Good Food and Wine Show on the weekend! Extremisjae’s fav was the prosciutto. He thought the prosciutto had a good texture, was lightly salted the way prosciutto should be and went really well with our tomatoes & sundried tomatoes.

We also shared the prosciutto pizza which wasn’t huge but a good sized snack for the two of us. The prosciutto I thought tasted like Asian jerky and had a good savoury taste…it was pretty salty so you really need to like salt to like this pizza.

Prosciutto Pizza at CheekySparrow

I had a wonderful time at the Cheeky Sparrow and can’t rave enough about this Perth lane way bar. The food/drinks were great as were the service. It cost approx $120 for two ciders, three cocktails ($18 each), an amazing Spanish larderboard and pizza which is what you would pay at any good bar, so it was great value as everything was exceptional at Cheeky.

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