Cravings for Taka’s teriyaki chicken…it was worth the wait!


I had a craving for Taka’s Kitchen today so despite knowing there would be a huge line and the wait would be awhile, I headed over during peak hour lunch to order my usual teriyaki chicken don.

The teriyaki chicken don is nothing special and really a comfort meal you would cook at home but for $5.30, I think it’s pretty good. Plus, it was exactly what I felt like – something light that feels ‘healthy enough’ .

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What I’m most happy with today is that I remembered to ask Taka’s to leave the cabbage out – I normally forget and spent the first few minutes picking it all out…cursing that I would remember to ask for it without next time! So being able to get straight into my meal was wonderful 🙂

Note – there’s cabbage in the pic above, I had taken this pic last time I was at Taka’s, I was too hungry to take a snap shot of my take-away teriyaki don today.

I’ve also had the teriyaki fish which is really yummy, the fish just melts in your mouth and the teriyaki flavour isn’t too intense, the only thing is that it just doesn’t fill me up. The teriyaki beef on the other hand has a very strong in teriyaki flavour and the beef strips aren’t as tender as I would like it to be but it does fill me up. So 9/10 times I goto Taka’s Kitchen, I order the teriyaki chicken don as it never disappoints.

Taka’s Kitchen is worth a visit when you don’t feel like spending heaps and just feel like comfort food! Just make sure you have cash on you as it’s cash only and be open to sharing tables with others.

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  1. littlemissbacon on
    Yum. My friend who moved to Melb, requests to come here when she visits Perth again. Good old comfort food and it's cheap!

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