Breakfast at Kings Street Cafe…the Blueberry French toast surprised me!


I’ve been avoiding Kings Street Café for a good year or so, after a bad experience, where my work colleagues were served ‘off’ scrambled eggs (one of which was pregnant). The milk which was used to make the scrambled eggs was ‘off’ making the eggs a bit ‘cheesy’ and ‘sour’…even though we weren’t charged for the scrambled eggs, that day sure turned me off Kings Street Café.

Anyway, for our last team breakfast we had planned to go to Zekka but it was full and we couldn’t find a table which could fit the 7 of us. So Kings Street Café was chosen as an alternative…I didn’t mention my bad experience as I didn’t want to ‘stir the pot’.

I’m a savoury breakfast person and I don’t usually have French Toast out as I like my French toast the savoury way and it’s always the sweet version on the menu. But, as I was still a bit worried about being served ‘off’ eggs, I took the risk and ordered the French toast…

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The French toast was served with blueberries and crème fraiche. I thought the cream fraiche went well with the French toast and I’m often served sour blueberries so I was happy when they were sweet.

Trying the French toast at Kings Street Café has changed my mind about having French toast out – I will now think twice before dismissing it!

Coffee was fine too, I had my usual Latte…and thinking back, I didn’t even think twice about the ‘milk’ yet I was so worried about the eggs!!

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Although, my most recent experience at the Kings Street Café was a good one, I can’t say I will be returning by choice…but I won’t put up a fight if everyone else is keen.

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  1. I wouldnt worry about the coffee milk being off as it would be a fast turn-around ingredient (lots of coffee to be made). The milk used for eggs couldve been sitting out for too long, or the actual egg mixture date was over looked... not good!! French toast looks good! I like it just with sugar :)
    • Very good point Inez! It was just the one bad experience and even though it was so long ago, I just can't shrug the possibility of being served 'off' something! Now that I've tried a 'sweet version' of French Toast that I like, I'll probably enjoy it with just sugar - will have to try it out and let you know how I go :)

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