Half price cocktail night at Carnegies – a Wednesday night routine


Cocktails at Carnegies followed with ribs @ Lacker’s Grill has become a monthly outing with my buddy Rock Chic.

Although Carnegies is nothing fancy, it has a relaxed ‘pub’ atmosphere which I enjoy especially on a weeknight after work. Although I must admit, I do have a soft spot for Carnegies as this is where burger boy and I unofficially became an item 5 or so years ago.

The cocktails at Carnegies tastes so good and just seem to go down so smoothly…and I love them even more when you can have two for the price of one on Wednesday nights from 6pm!

My favourite cocktail is the L’Amore it tastes just like a mango smoothie but alcoholic! This cocktail actually goes way back to burger boy & I’s ‘courting’ days – maybe the name says it all…L’Amore = Love in Italian 😉 I’m so glad it is still on menu!

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Another cocktail which I enjoyed was the cocktail of the week ($10) which was a combination of two shots of bacardi, a can of club orange and a slice of lime. We couldn’t wait til 6pm for half price cocktails so this was perfect and very refreshing, it tasted like an alcoholic fanta but not as sweet.

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Oh and I had the same thing again at Lacker’s Grill – honey bbq ribs and the swirl dessert – I enjoyed it as much as I did last month – you can read my Lacker’s Grill review here.

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