Dipping pretzels & brownies in San Churro’s chocolate fondue!


I somehow triple booked the other night and don’t know how it is possible that I didn’t realise until that morning when burger boy said “aren’t we meant to be going to your mum’s for dinner?”

All week I had been planning a night of dinner and shopping with my friend mahara and I had said to one of my colleagues at work that I was going exercising with them that night! I had also confirmed dinner at mum’s with my brother a couple of days prior.

So we ended up going to mum’s for dinner at 5:45 where I overindulged in her home-made dessert. I had a bowl of mango pudding, white chocolate flavoured ice-cream with mars bar bits mixed through and a spoon of the white chocolate & raspberry flavoured ice-cream! I left mum’s at 7 absolutely stuffed to the max and headed to the new San Churro at the Hillary’s Boat Harbour for dessert with my friend mahara.

After all the dessert I had at mum’s, I really didn’t need any more dessert but San Churro’s Chocolate Fondue for two $19.95 was very tempting and I couldn’t leave mahara to have it all to herself as that just wouldn’t be fair 😉

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The chocolate fondue with all sorts of dipping goodness:

  • Can’t go pass the traditional strawberries and marshmallows! There were bananas too but I don’t eat bananas…
  • I’m not always up for trying something different but the pretzel was a winner – the salt & sweet combo worked.
  • The sweet and sweet combo worked with the popcorn too…
  •  The brownies were yum – you can’t go wrong with chocolate dipped in more chocolate!
  • Churros – I’m sure this would have tasted amazing but churros like beer battered stuff don’t go well with me, face normally welts from a bite so I played it safe and resisted
[singlepic id=268 w=400 h= float=]

If I wasn’t so full from all the dessert, I probably would have liked more chocolate. Although enough to dip everything, the pot was only 1/3 full!

Mahara also had a cappuccino which was massive and filled with chocolate…yum! Will have to try it next time!

[singlepic id=267 w=300 h= float=]

San Churros are popping up everywhere in Perth and the quality is usually the same across the chocolaterias, I had a hot chocolate from the Leederville San Churro when it first opened which was just as delicious as the fondue we had at Hillary’s and there’s one in Subiaco and Fremantle also. And if you love chocolates, the new Koko Black salon in Claremont is also worth a visit (first in Perth),  check out their chocolate offerings in my Koko Black review.

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  2. Hello. I used to eat churros when I lived in Spain for a while. I now live in Sydney and I've seen San Churros here, now I've seen this page, I will have to go in to try it out. I love your blog by the way, I love your style of writing. :)
    • Aww thanks so much Sam! There's such a buzz here in Perth for San Churros, you can't help but try :) I'm not sure if the churros will be of the same quality as Spain but hopefully close enough :)

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