Honey pork ribs & dessert @ Lacker’s Grill – delicious American food in Perth!


I just had the most delicious Honey Pork Ribs ($35) at Lacker’s Grill! It just fell off the bone and the honey flavour was delicious without being too strong. Plus, an amazing dessert and half a bottle of wine to compliment but surprisingly I’m not feeling sickly after all that food!

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The chocolate swirl dessert that my friend and I shared was delicious, the white part of the dessert tasted like cream but with some sweetness mixed through it and a thicker texture. The middle of the dessert was like a soft but moist chocolate sponge. It was heaven!

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I love that this place is casual, open all hours and serves great American food. I’ve been here once before. Strange enough for Chilli Mussels, I never would have thought Americans would do better Chilli Mussels than the Italians, but it was just so flavoursome and the mussels were a decent size.

For a total of $107  we had a lovely evening! If you love American food – Lackers Grill is worth a try!

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