Enjoying a good meaty burger from Alfred’s Kitchen


Sometimes I just enjoy the good old school meaty burger that doesn’t try to be healthy, doesn’t have the label ‘gourmet’ and costs under $10!

Even after the massive lunch put on by our lovely friends and snacks @ our nephew’s 3rd birthday – I managed to be persuaded to share an Alfred Special $9.80 with burger boy’s Nanna – and good thing we shared it as it was pretty big and even more so on a full stomach!

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It was packed with burger goodness… bacon, egg, pickle, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese – yum!!

burger boy and everyone that could fit a burger had the hamburger with cheese and bacon $8.90. The photo doesn’t look amazing but judging by the silence at the table I think it’s safe to say everyone loved it!

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Chips were good too!

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We’ve had burgers at Alfred’s Kitchen heaps of times, this is probably the first time I’ve had it take-away. Normally we’re there like the rest of the burger eaters you see sitting on the benches as you drive by on Guildford Road. The ham & pea soup and the CRAM burger (Matt Preston’s favourite) are usually popular picks! Visit Alfred’s Kitchen’s website for their full menu.

Alfred’s Kitchen is Perth’s equivalent to the famous Carney’s in Los Angeles which burger boy and I loved so much…

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