burger boy’s macarons didn’t make it home from Jean Pierre…


I had a work breakfast at Jean Pierre during the week. We normally go to places that do the full breakfast menu so it was nice to occasionally have a light breakfast for under $10.

I had a plain croissant which was a decent size & didn’t make me feel too greasy afterwards and a coffee ($6 special). I normally order lattes but every time I’ve ordered them at Jean Pierre they’ve been too weak so I had a cappuccino instead which was much stronger and tasted better than my usual lattes. Though, I do only go to Jean Pierre for the French pastry and not the coffee.

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I also ordered 3 caramel macarons ($1.90 each), 2 of which I was meant to take home for burger boy…but it didn’t quite make it through the day. I had good intentions but they got crushed and melted in my hand bag…and I had to eat them. No one believed me, they all knew the macarons wouldn’t last the day…

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Breakfast @ Jean Pierre reminds me of Café Vanille Fine Pastries in Boston (70 Charles Street, Boston). We went there 3 out of the 4 days we were in Boston last year! Their ham & cheese croissants were yummy and it was my first ever encounter with peanut butter cookies. Worth a visit if you’re ever in Boston.


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