It wasn’t easy finding coffee in Margaret River on a Sunday night!


When burger boy and I were initially wandering through the Margaret River town centre, we did not realise how hard it would be to find ‘real’ coffee on a Sunday after 5pm!

Walking down the strip I was surprised to see so many stores closed especially as Michael Bublé was playing at Sandalford that evening. I peered in the window of Dome at about 5:15pm, there were staff inside but the doors were closed (they close at 5pm on Sundays), Simmo’s Ice Creamery was also closed and I didn’t see any other places that would sell good coffee open.

I was really in need of a caffeine kick and an ice coffee from IGA wasn’t going to cut it. So I made my last attempt to find coffee (before resorting to an energy drink) by asking the restaurant area of The Margaret River Hotel to see if they would serve me just coffee. It was fairly quiet but the wait staff did have to check with management to see if it was ok (to ensure my coffee didn’t disrupt the food service). The Margaret River Hotel had take-away cups – so I had a latte on-the-go for $4 and it did the trick.

If you are ever in Margaret River after 5pm one night looking for just coffee – be sure to try out The Margaret River Hotel. I think Settlers Tavern might also offer it but burger boy wasn’t keen on going to a tavern for coffee 😉

Oh the things I do for coffee…


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  1. PerthAdventures on
    You missed out, top of the street new small bar called Boho, that serves a half decent cup for a bar. It has been opened up by the same crew that brought Perth the cabin and the suite. A nice little venue. Keep it in mind next time you head down to Margs looking for a coffee or even better a stiff drink or two and some food!
    • Ah! We drove past after I picked up my coffee and did wonder what it was / whether it would have served good coffee - we should have walked up to the town centre rather than down. Will def check Boho out next time we're down south and yup it won't be whilst hung over or for coffee ;) Margaret River was in need of a good bar so exciting to hear Boho is a goer.

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