Felt like I was in Singapore at the Eat Drink Perth Twilight Hawker Markets tonight…


I finally made it to the Twilight Hawker Markets tonight! March has been the month of hens and weddings so it’s been hard finding a free Friday. The build up to this much anticipated feasting was huge and I was pleasantly delighted.

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My friend mushie (she loves mushrooms and is a hopeless romantic) and I started with the chicken and beef satay sticks which was covered with chunky satay sauce – yum (it was 5 skewers for $7). We then headed to visit Matt from Abstract Gourmet for his much talked about Colombian Empanadas which are these floury delights (all gluten free). We tried all three empanadas on offer ($10 for 3 plus one complimentary sauce, additional sauces are$1.50 each):

  • Beef – shredded beef brisket with potato and capsicum
  • Pork & Lime – pulled pork with lime and coriander
  • Potato – potato with paprika & spring onion

These were all amazing but my favourite was the pork empanadas as I love pull pork. It was full of flavour and nice & tender (just the way pull pork should be). We dipped the empanadas in the guacamole sauce and romesco (roast capsicum sauce) – it was divine! And I don’t usually like guacamole that much.

Whilst mushie waited for the empanadas, I headed over to another stall and ordered 3 pork dumplings ($5) which was served before I even had a chance to maneuver myself back into the crowd to wait. These were crispy and very tasty. And thumbs up for not needing to wait!

We eyed off the remaining piece of raw cheese cake @ the Raw Kitchen (filling – activated cashews, raw cacao, coconut oil, agave; base – almonds, walnuts, dates, coconut $7.70 per slice) but it was gone before we got to the front of the queue. I had thought it was a rather strange concept and wasn’t sure how it would taste but the cheese cake looked amazing…will have to head to Fremantle to try it out next time, that is, unless the City of Perth continues with this very awesome hawker market – love that it brings the city to life!

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I wish I could have tried more at the Twilight Hawker Markets but I had a three course lunch at the Globe’s Fashion Friday today (which by the way was very nice, my review is in the making). On the positive side of things, I do have a dress I need to get into for burger boy’s & I’s cousin’s wedding tomorrow so maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing we missed out on the raw cheesecake.

We had a wonderful time trying all the beautiful food and I loved the atmosphere, the buzz reminded me of Singapore! There’s one twilight market left so if you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth checking out next Friday (it’s on Murray St / Forrest Chase from 5pm – 8pm). 

Eat Drink Perth 2011


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