ex-fatty tricked me into eating lamb from Little Lebanon Cafe!


I’ve got this thing (or phobia) with eating certain meats – it’s not because of any cultural or religious reason, nor am I allergic or a vegetarian. My family finds my ‘phobia’ quite amusing at times because I often eat meats I choose not to eat by accident. Thursday last week, was one of those nights.

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For my bro’s (aka ex-fatty) girlfriend’s birthday, we had a casual night in and picked up take-away from Little Lebanon Cafe in Joondanna. We had two pizzas, a charcoal chicken, chips and other bits and pieces that I don’t eat (Lebanon styled rice, salad, pickles & olives) – all 5 of us were completely stuffed for under $60 (great value!).

The meat lover pizza was delicious (pic above), I didn’t really pay much attention as to what meats were on there as it tasted really good and I assumed that it was just the usual meats…pepperoni, ham, bacon. It wasn’t until we polished everything off and after I said how delicious the pizza was, that ex-fatty started laughing hysterically – he had forgotten to tell me that the meat lover pizza had lamb on it!! Wasn’t the first time I had eaten it too, burger boy and I went to Little Lebanon after a BBQ on Australia Day and we had the meat lover then too…

Pizzas @ Little Lebanon are $9,  it is nothing fancy but it tastes much better than Dominos (and stacks up to Marco’s Pizza next door – Marco’s pizzas start from $15  – there’s a $30 special for two large). Little Lebanon Cafe is a good cheap & easy take-away option if you live in the area, just be sure to go there with no expectations, some change and you’ll leave full / satisfied.

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