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I went to Devilles Pad last night for a friend’s birthday, I had never been there before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Normally entry is $10 after 8pm but we were there early / on the guest list so we didn’t have to pay. The menu looks like it had a Californian influence as there were a mix of American and Mexican food (menu items we found when we were in Los Angeles last year). I had devilles hot hickory dog ($16) which was pull pork in a bun with a side of coleslaw and fries, the pull pork was close to what we had in America, but the roll was a bit too crunchy for my liking. My bro had the fried chicken with fries ($16), I had a bite and to be frank I think Ingham’s frozen nuggets and McDonalds actually taste better and at a fraction of the cost (although I must admit, I do enjoy McDonald’s nuggets). The portions weren’t huge but being in a cabaret environment, I didn’t really have expectations for the food. I was a bit disappointed when I was keen to try some dessert as the ice-cream sundae was $18 which was more than our meals… I would have been happy to pay $12.

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I tried a couple of cocktails ($18 each), there was a water melon one which was crushed watermelon with some liquor, I thought it tasted a bit diluted, think it may have been the quality of the watermelon. I also had the fallen angel which was peach liquor mixed with vodka, peach puree and cream, this tasted ok and had a bit more alcohol in it. I also tried my bro’s cocktails, can’t remember them all but he did have a golden dawn and his cocktails seemed a lot stronger in alcohol than mine. I think the variations of the strength of the cocktails should have really been reflected in the price. The cocktails were ok but I probably wouldn’t go to Devilles specifically for them.

The entertainment was interesting. The first cabaret dancer was impressive but the second act with the Show-Go-Go Girls to me was just two dressed up girls dancing normally, there wasn’t anything spectacular about it.

Overall, it was a fun night and I would probably go back there for the pull pork (it’s the only Perth menu I’ve seen with pull pork – let me know if you know of others!). However, next time I’d stick to the white wine which were decently priced ($7.50) rather than the cocktails.

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