Eating away in Mandurah during the Christmas break…


I’m on the way to work on the bus and just can’t believe the Christmas break has really wrapped up (note – I had started this blog on the way to work but touch typing on my iPhone 4 was proving a little harder than I thought). So now back I am at the good ole laptop after a yummy Chinese noodle soup cooked by my aunt – not sure how to translate to English but writing the dish it as it sounds I would call it ‘Kway Chup’.

Anyway back to my original blogging thoughts, my hubby (aka burger boy, nick name due to his crazy obsession with trying anything that remotely looks like a burger) and I went down to his parents beach house in Mandurah during the Christmas break. Despite being fed non-stop by his Italian mama, we still managed to try a few Mandurah eateries.

We went to M on The Point which if you haven’t been there already, is a great new bar in Mandurah overlooking the marina – we sat outdoors and enjoyed cocktails (highly recommend the Berry Bliss) and beers, snacked on the butter naan (recommend the one with fetta and yoghurt dip – the Indian Tomato and Ginger dip wasn’t as good). Then I had the chicken parmigiana as my main, which as you can see below is absolutely massive, burger boy and his bro had to help me with it! Both burger boy and his brother knocked off the moroccan lamb, hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot, chermoula, mayonnaise burger and chips. It was a great night, we rolled out of there very full and content.

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On our travels I also had the Mars Bar ice-cream several times from Simmo’s Ice creamery (this is my favourite ice-cream flavour and Simmo’s is contesting my #1 ranked ice-cream place which is in the city on Hay St near Hill Street, I’ll have to find out the name for you fellow foodies to try). We also had pies from the Miami Bakehouse, the steak and cheese (approx $5) was delicious, but the Cajun Chicken pie which cost $6.70 I think wasn’t fantastic – I must say I can’t justify paying up to their upper range of $8.70 for a pie, especially for what other yummier / larger portions of foods you can buy instead with the same $.

We also had Japanese and tried another burger joint in Mandurah which I’ll blog about next time.


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