Kingsway Bar & Bistro, good for the locals, probably wouldn’t travel for it


Last Sunday, burger boy’s cousin turned 21 and to celebrate we were invited to the brand new Kingsway Bar & Bistro. It looks like the usual tavern on the outside, but the inside was decked out nicely (although not as classy/modern as The Brook in Ellenbrook).

There were 50 or so of us there and we had a set menu to choose from. I had the calamari with guacamole for entrée and the chicken parmigiana for my main. The calamari was cooked just the way I liked with a light batter, I don’t eat avocado so my Aunt had my guacamole along with 3 others so from that, I gathered it was pretty good. The chicken parma was a bit disappointing, it looked nice but was extremely crispy and dry, and tomato based sauce wasn’t used between the cheese and the chicken (either that or I couldn’t taste it). Prosciutto was used instead of the bacon which I didn’t mind.

chicken parmigiana, Kingsway Bar & Bistro

burger boy’s Italian mamma (my mother in-law) had the duck for entrée which looked absolutely amazing, I don’t eat duck (except for Peking Duck – if you ask I’ll tell you why) but all reviews were good and it was apparently quite tender and tasty.
duck entree, Kingsway Bar & Bistro

The steak was also cooked perfectly (and if I hadn’t eaten steak just a few days prior I would have ordered the steak and most likely would have been happy with it). The salad we shared was plain but the feta was nice.

The service was good, all the 50 or so meals came out at the same time and were all cooked as they should, there were no errors with orders and everyone was happy which is rare as quality tends to slip when there are so many people. We had a good time and were offered complimentary beer and banana daiquiri – a real shame it was banana flavour as I love daiquiris and banana is probably one of the few fruits / flavours I don’t like.

banana daiquiri, Kingsway Bar & Bistro

As it was a 21st, we didn’t pay for the meals but looking at the menu online, it is a bit pricey for the venue. However, being in the middle of suburbia like The Brook, I think it’s a good place to go to as a local, every so often. The service is good and worth a try if you haven’t been there and live in the area but just don’t order the chicken parmigiana.

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  1. I was taken to this tavern for dinner by my family for my birthday and we also had my close friends join us. The place was very crowded and very hot. When you looked around the tavern everyone was fanning themselves due to the heat. After about 30 mins of discomfort I asked the waitress to turn the air-condition on. We had to get up and order our meals and pay upfront. When we all got our meals (which were all really EXPENSIVE $40 average) my husband noticed his meat tasted off. When we called the waitress she had someone from the kitchen come and collect it. She returned empty handed and stated that there was nothing wrong with the food in a very loud angered tone. When we asked her to return the food she stated that they threw it in the bin. This makes you wonder why they would throw it if it was not off? She offered a beverage in place for a full meal that we PAID for and we DIDN'T get a refund. She was also talking to us in an extremely RUDE manner as if we had done something wrong. My husband was so upset that he just wanted to go. I was so disappointed that I asked to speak to the owner who was even RUDER. She actually said that she did not care if we liked the service or not and that the place was too busy for her to worry about whether I was satisfied or not and simply walked away. This was the worst birthday and dining experience and I was left embarrassed in front of my friends. Not to mention that I had to cook my husband dinner despite that I spent $45 on a meal for him. This is definitely the first and LAST time I will go there. For that kind of money you can go to an actual restaurant with finer food and MUCH MUCH better service.
    • Oh gee I don't understand restaurants that think they can treat customers like that, no restaurant is ever too busy!! Sorry to hear about your birthday experience Janet. When I went to Kingsway Bistro, it was when they were fairly new and the service at the time was good but perhaps the increase in patrons has changed their customer service (or lack of)!

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