burger boy challenged to do the fat boy challenge at Novembar’s!


Novembar’s, 4 Bayley Street, Dianella, (08) 9275 7788
Open lunch & dinner every day except Tuesdays

After a few wines & champagnes with the girls @ work, burger boy picked me up to goto Novembar’s for a Friday night feed.

I was egging burger boy on to do Novembar’s fat boy challenge which involved eating the fat boy burger (rrp $28) as quickly as possible, the longer you take to eat the more you have to pay – each minute costs a dollar. burger boy thought about it long and hard but after staring at the fat boy burger and evaluating the 7 patties or so for a good 10 minutes he turned down the challenge, in fear we didn’t have enough cash on us should he struggle to eat the burger.

So burger boy had the Movembar triple cheese burger ($15) instead which he finished in no time.

novembar's triple cheese burger

I had the poor man’s package which was a mini burger (fits in the palm of my hand) with lots of fresh chunky chips and a drink ($9). Check out the massive burger size difference between mine and burger boy’s below.

novembar's poor man's burger vs triple cheese burger

The burgers were delicious, patties just melted into our mouths, chips were tasty/not oily, bread perfect and the owner, Minh, is a character definitely worth meeting! It’s a small little place in the middle of Dianella suburbia that kind of looks like a deli/fish & chips shop – you wouldn’t find it if you weren’t looking.

What sets Novembar’s apart from other burger joints is the creativity behind the burgers and the cool eating challenges which makes eating the more fun. In addition to having the usual traditional burgers of any size on the menu, there’s a range of burgers that you wouldn’t get anywhere else (or think about eating before coming to Novembar’s) i.e. the fried ice-cream burger, red & runny nose burger, Aussie boy don’t cry burger – see the pic of the menu below for the full list!

novembar's menu

We will definitely be coming back – lets see if burger boy will be up for the fat boy challenge next time!

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    • Let me know how many minutes you do it in Devan :) my bro's friend did it in 12 mins, the video clip was pretty funny - can see the eating motions slowing down towards the half way mark.
  1. If you're in Newcastle, Australia, Cardiff Panthers' Man v Cow Challenge Commences Friday 12 August 2011.Complete a full meal, including a 1.2KG Steak plus 500g chips & a sprig of parsley, unassisted in one sitting, cooked no more than medium! Diners who finish the challenge will have their photo added to our “Hall of Fame” in the club & on Facebook. They will also receive a Certificate.Plus diners will receive a free SUPER CHALLENGE T-shirt, Certificate & $20 Bistro Voucher if they finish in 30 minutes! The cost to participate is $35 for members & $40 for non-members.

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