Scarborough Whale Playground on a sunny Perth Winter day


I’ve been loving the sunshine this Winter in Perth, so much nicer to be playing outdoors in the sun than to be cooped up inside with a bored 11-month-old baby cravings who wants to be held ALL THE TIME and an almost 4-year old who doesn’t want her little sister to play with her toys!! To kick off the start of school holidays, junior burger and I headed out to Scarborough to check out the Whale Playground for the very first time!

Scarborough’s Whale Playground

Plenty to do at this Whale Playground at Scarborough Beach

This very cool life-sized whale playground located on Scarborough Beach Foreshore has a super-fast concrete slide, monkey bars, ladders, swings and netted tunnels as well as a wooden cubbyhouse, spinning disks, climbing pods, balancing beams and digging equipment. junior burger had plenty to amuse her for hours, she has already asked to come back over the school holidays! Only thing I have to say is, as it is all sand, it gets quite slippery climbing down from the grass area so be extra careful.

The best thing about this playground in Scarborough is that there is free parking close by, three outdoor barbecues, picnic spaces/seating and public toilets (although I personally prefer to go to Peter by the Sea’s toilets) as well as plenty of food options for the whole family.

Love Sunny Winter Days in Perth

Thanks to this beautiful sunny Winter day, my new Burberry sunglasses from Vision Direct also made an early appearance…

Loving my new Burberry sunglasses from Vision Direct

Being Asian my nose doesn’t have much of a bridge and sunglasses usually slide off my face. So I’m stoked that these Burberry sunglasses online from Vision Direct are the perfect fit as I didn’t even try them on before receiving them! 

Cold Rock helps us pay it forward with ARK

After a bit of a play, junior burger and I had a break over a cup of cold rock icecream in support of Cold Rock’s Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) initiative…

Having Cold Rock ice cream in support of their Act of Kindness initiative

Cold Rock’s initiative involves filling an ARK-shaped charity box with loose change – as much or as little as you can afford – and giving it to someone less fortunate than yourself, whether that be a friend, family member, neighbour, or even a stranger. I’ll be taking the junior burger to the city next week to give away our ARK which is full of loose change. Find out more about the ARK initiative here

Watching the sunset at Scarborough with my big girl

After burning some more of junior burger’s energy at Scarborough’s Whale Playground, we enjoyed nuggets and chips from Peters by the Sea and watched the sun go down together on the grass.

Scarborough’s Whale Playground on the foreshore

What fun things do you do with your kids in Perth? 

Disclaimer: foodie cravings was provided with a pair of Burberry sunglasses from Vision Direct to feature in this post. See my disclosure policy for further details.  


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