Perth’s Most Luxurious Desserts & Brownies You Can Make at Home


Dessert masters Ox Rabbit are creating some of Perth’s most gorgeous baked delights, the most well-known being their 10/10 rich chocolate brownies that come in over 40 flavours! There is something so incredibly luxurious about biting down into a big, rich and moist slice of brownie – complete with generous layerings of pure chocolate bits and decadent frosting…

Turkish Delight Brownie – dark chocolate infused with rosewater, orange blossom ganache and traditional Turkish delight imported from Turkey.

We got the opportunity to sample some of Ox Rabbit’s marvellous masterpieces from a stunning Last Supper-inspired dessert spread; featuring Ox Rabbit brownies, cakes and cookies and adorned with dazzling splashes of gold, glitter and lavish florals by the one and only Matthew Landers. Describing themselves as the “Tom Ford of desserts – classic, luxurious, tasteful and stylish”, the showstopping display was the perfect way to present.

Ox Rabbit’s gorgeous Last Supper spread

From left to right: Plum and Ginger Dark Chocolate Cake; Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Brownie, Ultimate Chocolate with Blueberries Cake.

Ruby Chocolate Brownie with fresh raspberry – my personal favourite!

Ox Rabbit’s decadent cookies

And to top it off, Ox Rabbit has designed their own Luxury Brownie Kit. The deluxe gift box contains packaged dry ingredients and signature toppings for you to whip up a batch of Ox Rabbit’s very own masterpieces right from the comfort of your own home.

Ox Rabbit Luxury Brownie Kit

Choose from three flavours on offer; each prepared with the highest quality natural ingredients and cater to modern dietary requirements such as gluten-free and lactose-free.

Gold Brownie Kit – contains Callebaut Gold chocolate and edible golden sand, for an intense yet balanced caramel chocolate taste;

Ruby Brownie Kit – contains Callebaut Ruby chocolate and ruby chocolate shards, for lovers of the tickled-pink cocoa bean;

Callabaut Dark Chocolate Cookie Brownie Kit – to create brownies with a deep chocolate flavour and textural crunch.

These lush chocolate Ox Rabbit kits are available online. 

Born in the year of the ox, Rob fulfilled his dreams of becoming a cake decorator and designer through Ox Rabbit together with his counterpart Iain, born in the year of the rabbit, who helps develop and test new flavours and designs that cement their brand into Perth’s much-needed luxury dessert scene.

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