foodie cravings disclosure policy

All blog posts on are published by me and reflective of my foodie experience. I don’t go to restaurants, bars or cafes specifically to review their food. I just happen to eat out a lot and as I have a foodie experience, I share it here.

foodie cravings is an advertising and PR friendly food blog. So you will find some advertisements and sponsored blog posts where I have been compensated by way of products, event invitations, complimentary meals or payments. Where I have been compensated I will always indicate in my blog post that I have been sponsored, supported, invited or that the post is in collaboration with a brand.

I would love to be able to eat and share my foodie experiences on foodie cravings everyday rather than as a hobby so hopefully this is a means to one day blogging full-time.

Whether my dining experience is personally paid for or sponsored by an advertiser, I simply share what I experience, good or bad.

Only businesses and products I  find relevant for foodie cravings readers will be featured.