How to make Potato Rosti crispy


Love crispy potato rosti? In this video, the one and only cooking professor Riki Kaspi shares her potato rosti recipe as well as how to wash dirty WA potatoes and turn potato rosti into a dessert…

So there you have it, just soak your grated/cut potatoes in salty water for 2 hours! Then simply drain, dry and fry or bake to get crispy potatoes for potato rosti or your favourite potato dish.

This is the savoury potato rosti Riki Kaspi cooked up for us on Friday…

Savoury Potato Rosti
Crispy Potato Rosti topped with cream fraiche, crispy bacon, watercress and spring onions 

To make potato rosti into a dessert, treat it like a pancake and add your favourite sweet toppings. I devoured this Crispy Potato Rosti with cream fraiche, fruit compote (apple, pear & raspberry) and editable flowers, topped with Canadian maple syrup in seconds…

Potato rosti dessert

When Riki Kaspi first shared her secret potato rosti tip with me, I just couldn’t believe how simple it was. My attempts at making potato rosti for junior burger have never been pretty. They usually fall apart and are guaranteed to be never crispy. So much so that I pretty much stopped cooking potato rosti or any kind of vegetable patties for that matter. Now that I know how to crisp up my potato rosti, they are back on the menu plan!

Keep reading for an interview with The Cooking Professor behind these beautiful potato rosti dishes!

What inspired you to start cooking?

Being Turkish origin (born and grew up in Israel), my mother’s wonderful, hearty cooking at my family home is my best source of inspiration. My mother’s cooking influences my choice of produce, flavours and textures when it comes to my own home cooking as well as at my professional life as a Chef and a Restaurant Owner. Living in France and working in French Restaurants for over 2 years has also provided me with insights to the most wonderful dishes, ingredients, produces and the secrets of what I think is the most desirable cuisine in the world – The French cuisine!

Do you have a favourite WA potato variety?

Kipfler potato is my favourite WA potato variety. Its flavour has a real distinct character, Kipfler potatoes has a good, firm texture and when you cook/roast it, you can trust it to remain firm and not fall apart…Above all, it is a seasonal variety – something to look forward to on its arrival to the Perth market.

Where do you usually buy your WA potatoes?

My preferred location for fresh produce will always be at Perth’s farmers markets. I can highly recommend Subiaco Farmers Market as well as Manning Farmers Markets where you can find Karri Country Gourmet Potatoes selling potatoes they grow themselves. 

Tell us about the signature WA potato dish you’ve made for foodie cravings?

Everyone loves ‘Potato Rosti’…No one can resist this wonderful Swiss origin dish (defined as the Swiss national dish…) of hot, crisp, baked/fried grated potato with its simple, earthy rich flavour – Yummy!! Can be served as part of a breakfast feast or at any meal as a great companion to meat and vegetarian dishes. Above all it is so simple to make and will gain you the love and admiration of all your lucky ones.

If you love your potatoes, read my post about why dirty WA potatoes are better for you. For more in the kitchen cooking tips, check out foodie cravings Perth Cooking Classes, Cookbook Reviews and Recipes.

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