The Ladder Cafe & Deli – our last brunch as a couple


Before spring cleaning our house in preparation for the arrival of junior burger two weeks ago, we decided to go for our last brunch as a couple at The Ladder Cafe & Deli.

We had been to The Ladder Cafe & Deli one time before and I featured their Goliath (which burger boy had this time) in my Top 5 Perth Eats in February. My first visit the food was amazing but service was a bit slow. This time service was super quick and food was as amazing just as we had remembered.

I had the buttermilk pancake which was topped with strawberries and mascarpone…


I follow a pretty good eggless pancake recipe (find the recipe on my Cooking Basics page) so I was excited that this pancake was different in texture. It just melted and the strawberries and mascarpone just makes it. Coffee was good too.

We were on a time limit and nearly ended up at The Peasant’s Table but I’m glad we were turned away at 11am by The Peasant Table who said they were only serving coffee between 11am and 12pm! Being a Saturday we would of thought food would be served during this time!

The Ladder Cafe & Deli was the perfect way to celebrate the impending arrival of our junior burger. It’s also family friendly so I’ll be taking junior burger with us once I’m all recovered.

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