New York Pastrami, Reuben & Cupcakes at Sherbet in Maylands

burger boy and I love our American food, so we were pretty happy to find ourselves enjoying a New York Pastrami and Reuben Baguette at Sherbet Cake & Bake Shop in Maylands last weekend. We were catching up with our friends for brunch at Mrs S, but weren’t keen on waiting 40 minutes so Sherbet around the corner was the perfect back-up plan.

My friend who is a regular Sherbet diner explained that it is more of a take-away styled café where everything is prepared daily so what you see on the counter is what’s available to order.

Sherbet Cake & Bake Shop

There was no way we were walking out of Sherbet without dessert…

Sherbet Cake & Bake Shop

It costs a little more to dine-in at the vintage styled café but the prices are reasonable and for the cool vibe, it’s well worth it. The New York Pastrami and Reuben were $11 to take-away and $13 to dine-in.

Sherbet Cake & Bake Shop

I love dining out in Maylands, besides amazing food options.. the locals are just lovely! A couple offered to swap tables so the 6 of us could have the larger table and I remember the same kind of experience at Swallow Bar.

By the time we had settled down, the queue to order at the counter was out the door so we each took turns to hold our place in line whilst the others mosied up to the counter to check out what’s on offer. burger boy at first didn’t want to share with me but after seeing both the New York Pastrami and Reuben on offer, he quickly changed his mind as he was keen to try both.

I loved this New York Pastrami toastie which was served with crisps and gherkins. It was filled with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and rocket on multigrain sourdough. Half of this went to burger boy although I really could have easily eaten more…

Sherbet Cake & Bake Shop

burger boy had most of the Reuben Baguette which he loved even more than the New York Pastrami. I only had a couple of bites of the Reuben as I wanted to fit in a slice of the Rhubarb Dessert Crumble :) so I think burger boy got the better end of the bargain even though he didn’t even want to share in the first place! The bread was beautiful and the corn beef wasn’t too salty. I also had a latte ($4.20) ready to have with my dessert…

Sherbet Cake & Bake Shop

I’ve been a bit of obsessed with rhubarb desserts since my friend Mahara and I made Jamie Oliver’s Rhubarb Millefeuille Pie on our girl’s night in. Sherbet’s Rhubarb Dessert Crumble hit the spot…

Sherbet Cake & Bake Shop

burger boy and I went back to Sherbet yesterday for a quick bite in between my friend’s wedding ceremony and reception. We had the New York Pastrami again and spoiled ourselves with a latte and this Red Velvet Cupcake – service and food at Sherbet was just as good as the first time :)

Red Velvet Cupcake

I’m sure we will be back to Sherbet again soon, if not next weekend :)

Sherbet Cake & Bake Shop

Sherbet Cafe & Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

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  1. September 30, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Those desserts look divine and I would definitely hit that rhubarb crumble. Look at all those cakes!
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