Top 5 Perth Eats & News – July & August

On WA Day, foodie cravings got a bit of love with the addition of a Perth latest foodie news and events section. My next blog goal was to start-up a monthly/bi-monthly post which highlighted some of my Perth eats which haven’t yet made it to the blog. So here’s my first one :)

Top 5 Perth Eats

In July and August, being Winter I was majorly craving comfort foods. I eat out ALOT so it was tough deciding on my Top 5 Perth Eats from 62 days!!

(1) Slurp’s Pumpkin Sourdough Soup

I couldn’t get enough of Slurp’s Pumpkin Sourdough Soup and have been walking down the other end of St George Terrace rain or shine for it. Best eaten with your hands :) it does get messy so wear black!


Slurp Soup & Salad Bar on Urbanspoon

(2) The Stables Bar’s pan-fried gnocchi

I was craving the pan-fried gnocchi at The Stables Bar but the main ingredient of the dish was mushroom which I don’t eat. I asked if I could substitute the mushroom for something else expecting a flat NO but was super impressed that The Stable Bar was more than happy to oblige. They went above and beyond to create a brand new dish off the cuff that tasted AMAZING…now that’s service!


The Stables Bar on Urbanspoon

(3) Piccos Kitchen Bacon & Egg Butty

Piccos Kitchen bacon & egg butty is really good – the brie makes it! Simple but tasty.


Piccos Kitchen on Urbanspoon

(4) Typika Spiced Beef Benedict

Normally I go for brunch and just have breakfast :) I had a true brunch at Typika!


Typika Artisan Roasters on Urbanspoon

(5) Jamie’s Italian cannelloni cooked three ways

Loved that Jamie’s Italian cannelloni was served in bite size pieces making it super easy to eat and each piece was covered in melted cheese :)


Jamie's Italian on Urbanspoon

Top 5 Perth foodie news & events

My Top 5 Perth foodie news and events as submitted by Perth businesses in July & August:

  1. Perth Good Food & Wine Show in July
  2. Urban Locavore’s ‘Meet the Makers’ Bocce & Bolognese event in July
  3. Red Hot Spatula’s Thai & Cambodian Cooking Class in August. Read my Red Hot Spatula interview here and fellow Perth food blogger Chomp Chomp’s cooking class write-up.
  4. The launch of new Perth CBD foodie mobile app, Klaimed in August.
  5. Launch of Brew TV – a TV series about all things brewing and beer related in Western Australia
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  1. September 9, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I love this post idea!

    • September 17, 2013 at 8:31 am

      Thanks lovely, been meaning to share my fav daily eats for ages but didn’t have the time to write about them all :) xxx

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