Venn Bar+Cafe – love the newish outdoor space!

Venn is one of my favourite venues to go for a Friday lunch and sneaky drink. Tucked away on Queens Street, Venn’s fit-out is funky and filled with greenery which is a nice escape from my corporate Perth CBD office. I always feel instantly relaxed when I go to Venn.


There are three spaces to enjoy lunch. Inside, next to the Venn Shop which is filled with designer objects and products – worth a look if you’re after something different but it is a bit on the pricey side if you are looking for a quick gift…


Outside in the newly expanded outdoor area which is next to Raine Square and fronts Murray Street…


Or rooftop next to Venn’s very own art gallery…



We played musical chairs when we visited a couple of months ago. It was a nice warm day and we were keen to sit in the new outdoor space. Venn was still waiting on their liquor license to expand outdoors so we chose drinks over testing out the new space :) We ended up upstairs in the just as cool rooftop space…


I was close to having the chicken burger like my colleagues who have it every time we go to Venn, but decided to be different. I had the pork and lamb meatballs instead. The 6 meatballs immersed in the chunky tomato sauce were a bit salty for my liking, but I loved the cheesy dipping toast.

The Venn staff said that the 6 meatballs would be more than enough for lunch but the Italian side of me kicked in and I “had” to have a side of wedges just in case it wasn’t enough.


I barely got through the wedges – that’ll teach me for being greedy!


This is the trusty Linley Valley free-range chicken burger that my colleagues love for its simplicity…


The chicken burger is filled with mesculin, Swiss cheese and avocado aioli and served with hand-cut royal blue chips.

Venn Bar+Cafe has a great range of drinks and is a cool space to enjoy lunch during the working week or a drink after work. I always feel cultured after a visit.

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  1. June 27, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Just a nice combination I thought nice place and nice drinks.

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