24 days of coffee – Day #3 Cabin Fever

I would have never discovered Cabin Fever if it wasn’t for Eat Drink Perth’s coffee stop guide and my foodie friend, Frosty’s idea to feature 24 days of coffee on foodie cravings.

Cabin Fever is hidden away on Barrack Street in an arcade that I would have never of otherwise entered…

Bon Marche Arcade on Barrack Street

The entrance doesn’t do this quirky arcade any justice…

The inside of Bon Marche Arcade

Cabin Fever's cute open sign

I love Cabin Fever’s Panic sign on their coffee machine. When I’m panicking or stressing, coffee is the first thing I turn to.

Where the coffee magic happens

My friends mushie, food baby and I were greeted on entry and invited to take a menu which features breakfast & lunch options…

Cabin Fever breakfast & lunch menu

Lunch options on display…

Cabin Fever lunch options

The Melbourne influences on the Perth food and drink scene is apparent when we wandered outside to this super funky laneway alfresco filled with cool street art and quirky table decs. If you look to the far left you’ll even find a motorbike 😉

Cabin Fever laneway alfresco area

After observing our surroundings and deciding that we wanted to sit outside, we went back inside to order – big plus for having EFTPOS facilities.

Our lunch came out within 5 or so minutes of ordering. We each had the watermelon & strawberry juice that we all thought were light and refreshing. $7 seems to be the norm for juices in Perth these days so we were happy to pay $5.50 each.

Cheers to a short week and being a Friday!

Watermelon & strawberry juices

I had the pull pork baguette $9. It was crunchy on the outside and tender. I’d say it’s probably a healthier version of my favourite pull pork recipe, which is drenched in ketchup, mustard and brown sugar.  You can find my fav pull pork recipe here, I usually add a teaspoon of tabasco sauce to this recipe.

Pull pork baguette

As I’m always going on about pull pork, Mushie Mushie was super keen to have her first taste. She found her pull pork baguette delicious and great value for money – think I might need to make and bring some into work soon!

My pregnant friend, food baby, had the Green Eyed Monster $9 which was a bagel with pesto, avocado, sundried tomato and brie cheese. She’s not allowed to have brie and was happy that the Cabin Fever crew happily replaced it with cheddar for her. She loved the pesto and thought her bagel was delicious too.

The green monster bagel

I didn’t need but wanted a souvenir from Cabin Fever 😉 so I bought a cute pen for $5, there were also cards and a small selection of knick-knacks for sale. We also took back to the office coffees and brownies.

My latte was stronger than my usual liking and not as smooth as I prefer but I still finished every drop so it passed my coffee quality taste. Next time, I know to ask the Cabin Fever guys to add a bit more milk for me so it’s a bit smoother.

My take-away latte

Mushie Mushie on the other hand thought her flat white was really tasty, she loves her coffee strong. She said Cabin Fever is now one of her new fav coffee venues “I will definitely be popping in again next time I’m at that side of town.”

I used all my mighty will power to stop myself from ordering the chocolate brownies that the girls had…

Take-away brownies & ice-cream

food baby polished her brownie off before reaching the office, “My tiny baby is showing a weakness for chocolate already so I couldn’t go past the brownie. We took it away to eat at the office and the Cabin Fever staff were kind enough to heat it up and give us a cup of ice cream on the side! Mine didn’t even make it half the way back to the office.”

The service was really impressive and the funky decor make this café such a cool place to lunch at. I wished I had discovered Cabin Fever sooner! Mushie Mushie said it felt like she was at her grandparents’ house in the UK, “…it was so cute and quirky. Plus, the staff were super friendly and accommodating.”

A whole wall of tea cups…

A whole wall of tea cups!

Fancy lounging around?

Lounging around at Cabin Fever

food baby thought the “Cabin Fever was a great, small venue that feels like it’s not in the middle of a busy city. Staff were super friendly and happy to go that extra mile to make us happy.”

We all had a lovely lunch, it was worth the short stroll from the terrace, we’ll be coming back. I highly recommend visiting Cabin Fever if you haven’t already discovered this gem.

Cabin Fever on Urbanspoon

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Why 24 days of coffee?

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  4 comments for “24 days of coffee – Day #3 Cabin Fever

  1. March 12, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Cabin Fever is one of my absolute favourites, but they posted on Facebook this morning that they’re unfortunately leaving Bon Marche arcade this weekend! :( They are apparently reopening in Shafto Lane in a couple of months, but it’s a definite loss for the east-side of the CBD.
    erin recently posted..The not-blogger.

    • March 13, 2013 at 12:57 pm

      Thanks for the heads up – that’s awesome for me as it’s closer to my work :) hope they keep the same laneway feel!

      • May 3, 2013 at 9:21 pm

        Hi you’d written that this was an arcade you’d never normally walk into, and I agree. I’d just like to say that it was a huge shame what was done to this arcade. Underneath the floor tiles currently there are the most amazing tiles. The arcade was stunning before the owners some years ago “renovated” it.
        On the coffee line, I will be trying this cafe in Shafto Lane. :)

        • May 3, 2013 at 9:34 pm

          Yep perceptions are deceiving, oh I wish I had seen the arcade before the owners renovated it! Yes I am very excited Cabin Fever is moving closer to my work and hope it still has some cool space to work with like it did in Bon Marche Arcade.

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