Spending our Christmas holidays in Mandurah

It’s a yearly tradition that we head down to burger boy’s family beach house in Mandurah over the Christmas break. Being the first year having our own business, I was excited burger boy and I were still able to get away for a few days (thanks to technology he can still manage the business from the beach ;)).

Mandurah is all about the beach for us and with the beach comes reading. Side note – the only time I manage to get through a book is when we’re beach-side/pool-side on holidays. I’m half way through “Marisa Merico The Explosive True Story of a Mafia Princess” – a detailed insight into the Italian mafia and “Help” by Kathyn Stockett lined up ready to be read next.

The first thing burger boy wanted when we arrived in Mandurah yesterday was of course a burger…

It was from a burger joint next to Red Manna, the name escapes me, it was called something else when we were here last year. Although the burger was nothing special, it satisfied burger boy’s craving.

I was close to ordering a hot dog for the sake of eating lunch but decided to have just a scoop of the rainbow ice-cream as I had my Aunt’s famous sticky rice with Chinese sausage for brunch…

I haven’t had rainbow / bubblegum flavoured ice-cream since I worked at Wendy’s (my first job) – it hit the spot.

I was absolutely starving after going for a swim at the beach and I always seem to crave killer pythons and hot chips after any form of swimming. We had a 7pm booking at Spur but I couldn’t hold off, whilst burger boy hung out at our beach house I went for a drive to find hot chips. I came back with crisps and a couple of bags of Natural Confectionary snakes.

So not surprisingly when we went to Spur for our BBQ feast, I didn’t quite do my fair share of the eating.

burger boy polished off his steak & pork ribs in no time…

He was impressed with his steak, it was perfectly cooked medium to his liking.

Even though I tried to preserve space by choosing the ice tea instead of a strawberry milkshake, I could only fit two thirds of my pork ribs and half of my chips so burger boy finished mine off too…

Spur reminded me of sizzlers, there were lots of families around and the staff were casual, attentive and friendly. burger boy loved that our meals were a large portion – it really was the perfect bloke’s meal. It cost us just under $100 for the two of us which included two coronas and my ice tea.

Golden Cloud Spur Steak Ranch on Urbanspoon

After Spur we headed to the movies to see James Bond Skyfall and despite being super full.. I had to have popcorn, there’s just something about the movies & popcorn.

Today, we had a big breakfast at Dome – I love that the bacon is cooked crispy and the hash browns were nice & crunchy on the outside.

The waterfront view was beautiful…

What do you love most about the Christmas holidays? It’s my favourite time of the year – I love the joy of sharing gifts, home-cooked food and spending time with family.

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  2 comments for “Spending our Christmas holidays in Mandurah

  1. January 2, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Happy new year foodiecravings! It was really great seeing you and your brother again :)
    And I hell expected to see you last Sunday!

    • January 2, 2013 at 7:13 pm

      It was good to see you too, gosh it had been a long time. Wouldn’t have recognised ya if it wasn’t for Leng’s wedding!

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