An American feast at The Merrywell

burger boy and I love our American food, it was inspired by our honeymoon to the states almost 2 years ago so when we heard The Merrywell was opening in Perth, we couldn’t wait to check it out.

As I couldn’t wait, my friend Mahara and I headed to The Merrywell the Friday night of their opening week without burger boy and were lucky to score a table straight away – it was seriously luck of the draw as we didn’t have a booking and it was packed.

Although The Merrywell is really essentially a pub serving “dude food”, the chefs Grant MacPherson and Sammy DeMarco using their experience in New York and Las Vegas has given The Merrywell a bit of class even with the multiple sport screens.

Mahara and I way over ordered… she had a very small lunch in anticipation of dinner at The Merrywell and our taxi took an hour to arrive so we were both pretty starving. We started with a half litre jug of strawberry fields which was light, sweet and easy to drink but had way too much ice which made it too hard to pour…

Strawberry fields

I loved the wagyu burgers, the cheese was really tasty and had a nice bite to it. The beef just melted and pickle was subtle, it had a slightly vinegary but not overwhelming flavour and was a nice contrast to the cheese. These were my favourite!

Wagyu burgers

The cheesy bites featured in the background behind the wagyu burgers, tasted just like mac & cheese! Great dipped in HP sauce.

The pull pork quesadilla was my second favourite. The BBQ sauce was sweet, the corn tomato salsa on top was tasty and it was not too cheesy. The corn inside the quesadilla was sweet and what Mahara and I thought made this dish just that extra special.

The Merrywell, pull pork quesadilla

The chips were served with bacon aioli (my bro’s gf Little Miss Bacon was in love!) and were not like your usual chips, it was more like a roasted potato which was crispy / crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Potato chips with bacon aioli

We also had the fish tacos which were filled with chilli, smokey mayo, tomato & onion salsa, shredded lettuce, coriander, feta in a soft tortilla. The fish was fresh and tender.

The Merrywell fish taco

Service was amazing the first time at The Merrywell before their advertising kicked in. I went there on Thursday night around 8 with burger boy and the service wasn’t as amazing. We were told that they were fully booked and that there would be a 90 minute wait by the security guards, as there was no one manning the reservations desk. We went to check out the bar and asked if we could order food there. The host who was meant to be at the front was behind the counter (who by the way was lovely), told us the wait would be about 30 – 40 minutes for food and we could sit anywhere we could find a table so despite being super hungry we went and found ourselves a table. We found one in the fairly empty table service area which we didn’t realise was for table service only and even though we paid over $100 for our meals we were escorted to some couches in the corner by this waiter. Our meals arrived within 40 minutes as promised however without cutlery or napkins which made it hard to eat the ribs but overall we were happy after a good American feed. burger boy’s favourite dish was the pull pork quesadilla.

The only dish that we had different on Thursday night to my first time was the ribs which were tasty and tender but it was difficult to eat on a couch. The Mexican corn on the cob, I wasn’t sure what it had on it but it tasted really fishy, I wasn’t a fan and couldn’t eat this.

Ribs and mexican corn at The Merrywell

All in all, I loved the atmosphere at The Merrywell – service and the dining experience still needs work but the food is delicious so I’ll be back. Both times I rolled out of there completely stuffed.

The Merrywell on Urbanspoon

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  4 comments for “An American feast at The Merrywell

  1. Kanni
    October 26, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Mmmm looks yummy and makes me really hungry! ^-^

  2. October 26, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    I love the sound of bacon aioli but geez, that stuff looks yellow! American yellow too, if that makes sense. I guess it’s quite fitting :)

    Also, I hate trying to eat from a couch. I can’t imagine trying to do so with a plate of ribs.
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    • October 26, 2012 at 10:43 pm

      Hehe it tasted very American too – should have really gone for a run or two the next day to burn off the calories!

      Yep I need a real chair to eat :) glad you’re the same!

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