Addicted to the quiches at Bucket Cafe

I’ve been to Bucket Café three times now and have become absolutely addicted to their quiches.

Tucked away in Arcade 800 on Hay Street backing Wolfe Lane, the funky Bucket Café is close to becoming my new default work lunch option 😉 I think I overdid Taka’s Kitchen when I had the teriyaki chicken don three times last week.

I was savouring the last bite of my chicken quiche which I took away for the first time rather than dining as I was writing this post. What I love about Bucket Cafe is that they have good portions and it’s all reasonably price (considering the costs of lunch in the city) and service is always quick.

I had ordered at the til (note this faces Wolfe  Lane and is often missed when you’re coming in from the arcade) and within 5 or so minutes had lunch ready to eat at my desk.

This is my chicken quiche and side of potato salad ($11.50 take-away price)…

My quiche had plenty of cheese on top, generous servings of ingredients and most importantly it was moist. Not sure if ‘moist’ is the best word but sometimes quiches are too dry for my liking and the portions too small to fill me. So I get excited when I find a good quiche!

I went with my bro to Bucket Café earlier in the week also, and had tried the bacon, leek, pine nut & spinich quiche with a side of the green salad which I think works much better as a salad than the potato salad I had because it’s lighter.

My bro had a panini which he really enjoyed but he had a serious case of drink envy when he tasted my ice chocolate. He had the blueberry & banana smoothie which we both didn’t like, I think it was because we were expecting something a bit sweeter.

The ice chocolate here ($4.50 dine in, $3.50 take-away for the small) is absolutely amazing…you’ll love it if you have a sweet tooth. There’s a nice scoop of ice-cream and plenty of sweet chocolate…

This is the quiche which starting my craving 😉

It had pumpkin, leek, goat cheese feta, caramelised onion and spinach and although I’m a carnivore I really enjoyed it!

Bucket Café is participating in Eat Drink Perth’s coffee appreciation trail (for the month of March when you have a coffee there you receive a free cookie) and is competing for the Best Coffee Competition so I’ll be back there again next week to try their coffee (Low Down Espresso who isn’t participating this year is my regular) and I think I’ll try a panini next so I don’t overdo the quiche like I did the teriyaki chicken at Taka’s Kitchen :)

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  2 comments for “Addicted to the quiches at Bucket Cafe

  1. March 9, 2012 at 6:23 am

    Oh how I miss a good quiche. Gluten free pastry just isn’t the same! Did you notice if they had any gluten free options on the menu?
    Chompchomp recently posted..Marque, Surry Hills

    • March 9, 2012 at 10:13 am

      I went back there today for coffee and they said sometimes they have frittatas which are gluten free. Otherwise their salads.

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