Ploy Thai in Maylands, my all time favourite Perth Thai restaurant…

I can’t believe that I haven’t been to Ploy Thai in the last year! I know this because I haven’t written about it here on foodie cravings (I started foodie cravings over the Christmas holidays last year).

What I love about Ploy Thai is the traditional Thai ambience you experience, the staff are friendly and the décor is beautiful and everytime I go there it takes me back to my holiday to Phuket with Caviar Girl & Mia years ago. Take for example our table settlings…

Ploy Thai authentic table setting

Ploy Thai is a small restaurant and can seat a max of 20 or so people, so it’s always best to book as there’s been many times where we wing it without a booking to find that it’s been fully booked. I always find it hard to find an alternative on the spot when I’m hungry and have my stomach set on a specific restaurant.

Anyway, to start we shared the vegetable spring rolls $7 served with sweet chilli sauce and as you can see below Ploy Thai’s spring rolls aren’t your usual sized spring rolls…I love good portions!

Spring Rolls at Ploy Thai

For the mains burger boy and I shared our usual masaman beef curry $15.90…

Masaman Beef at Ploy Thai

The masaman sauce was sweet and creamy just the way we like it. Potatoes were nice and the sliced beef was tender enough. I usually cook my masaman beef using the casserole beef chunk cut which is more tender than Ploy Thai’s masaman beef but the sauce is what I love about this dish. Mine is pretty close but not exactly the same :) (note – the masaman beef is my signature dish).

We felt a bit adventurous tonight so rather than picking the chicken green curry as our second main we decided to go for the Pad Ka Pow Seafood $18.90 which is a combination of seafood stir fried with fresh chilli, onions, shallots, basil and Thai sauce.

burger boy enjoyed this dish but I’m pretty boring and would have been happy with my green chicken curry or the cashew chicken stir fry which we’ve had before.  The prawns & mussels were fresh and a good size. The squid was cooked well and not chewy and I loved the broccoli in the Thai sauce…I don’t normally eat a lot of broccoli despite it being one of my favourite vegetables (broccoli is one of two vegetables burger boy refuses to eat).

Pad Ka Pow Seafood at Ploy Thai

The fried rice is always a nice at Ploy Thai and compliments our mains well…

Fried Rice at Ploy Thai

For $56, burger boy & I left very satisfied and wondering why it had been so long since our last visit. Ploy Thai delivers to the local area (min $20 order) for $2.50…would be so awesome if they delivered to our home! I’d be having it every second week.

Ploy Thai on Urbanspoon

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  2 comments for “Ploy Thai in Maylands, my all time favourite Perth Thai restaurant…

  1. December 8, 2011 at 8:57 am

    I’m always on the look out for good thai and at least now I know where to get it when in Perth :)
    catty recently posted..thecattylife’s top five must-eats in New York City

    • December 8, 2011 at 8:29 pm

      I reckon you guys have the best Thai :) we had it twice in our 1 week in Sydney!

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