Love the marmite pork ribs at Hawker’s – quality Malaysian food in Perth!!

This week must be the week of favourites. I dined at my favourite casual Thai restaurant Ploy Thai last night and tonight I had dinner at Hawkers, my all-time favourite Perth Malaysian restaurant.

Was so excited when we rocked up and managed to get a seat in 10 minutes – normally it’s at least a 20 minute wait and Hawker’s don’t take bookings so we’re normally found loitering out the front with a cider or beer :) (it’s BYO)

We didn’t mess around, as soon as we were seated we ordered! To start we had the milo peng which is iced milo – I thought that was useful info as I didn’t know myself and had to ask if they had iced milo. Been my latest craving especially after visiting Mamak in Sydney – which has the most amazing ice milo!!

Iced Milo at Hawker's Cuisine

It was nice but I think I like it a bit sweeter (I normally have 4 teaspoons of milo & 2 sugars), and the iced milo at Mamak was pretty hard to beat.

We decided go easy on the mains as burger boy & I always over order with our eyes…

First dish to arrive was the Rendang Beef which was absolutely delicious. The beef was super tender, the meat just fell apart and the sauce was really tasty, it had a bit of spice to it but not so much that I couldn’t eat it (I don’t do spice very well).

Rendang Beef at Hawker's Cuisine

The marmite pork ribs is always the main event, if you love vegemite (or marmite) you’ll love this. Can smell the delicious aroma from 30cm above…

Marmite pork ribs at Hawker's Cuisine

There’s hardly any bones which makes it easy to eat and the pork it pretty tender. The marmite pork is salty yet super tasty – make sure you have your water handy if you’re ordering this dish!

We also ordered the chicken rice which was the perfect compliment to the strong flavours of our rendang beef and marmite pork.

Chicken rice at Hawker's Cuisine

It was $45 all up and burger boy & I really rolled out of Hawkers. There was no room for bubble tea…or the churros from the new massive San Churros which has opened up on James Street.

San Churros in Northbridge

Hawker’s Cuisine is fantastic value for money, they’ve recently renovated the restaurant and the Malaysian food is quality (and they make their own roti). Even better than the infamous Mamak in Sydney! :) Service is a bit slow took half an hour for our meals to come out but you don’t go there for the service!

Hawker's Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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  4 comments for “Love the marmite pork ribs at Hawker’s – quality Malaysian food in Perth!!

  1. Cun
    November 27, 2011 at 10:42 am

    This looks like one of the nicest things I have seen in ages, i love dar meat with dark sources and this ticks those boxes. As I am half way round the world there is very little chance of me calling in to try them so I might try and make my own…… which I know is never the same but I will give it a go!
    Cun recently posted..The evolution of the snow sock

    • November 30, 2011 at 5:40 am

      It was pretty tasty! If you master the recipe – do share :)

  2. November 29, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Damn you I miss good Malaysian food!! Perth was great for that.. there was that place on Collins Rd which was my favourite!!
    catty recently posted..recipe | baked blueberry yoghurt cheesecake

    • November 30, 2011 at 5:49 am

      Where do you go for your Malaysian food these days? Ah the Malaysian food is great in Willetton – I use to go there back in my uni days…think it’s time for a visit!

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