Fast Eddy’s were a bit too fast – burgers and chips were cold by the time we got there!

I vaguely remembered Fast Eddy’s food being better than what we had at our colleague’s lunch on Friday… I’m not sure if it was because:

  • I only ever had the nachos, strawberry milkshake and ice-cream sundae;
  • It was always late at night after a few drinks;
  • It was the Morley store and we went to the city store; and/or
  • My taste buds hadn’t quite developed yet.

Our average foodie experience at Fast Eddy’s wasn’t a huge surprise but I didn’t think it would be as bad as it was.

I had the Fast Eddy Burger with cheese which was served with chips:



The chips were cold…although I did receive my meal within 10 minutes of arriving. Even covering it in ketchup didn’t really help the taste.

The bread was over-toasted or over-heated in the microwave as the bun was crusty hard and the cheese around the edges was pretty much the same. The meat pattie was room temperature… I had a few bites and then started to break it apart to see what soft bits I could salvage of my burger. It wasn’t until one of my colleagues’s asked if I was that hungry…that I realised it just wasn’t worth salvaging.

$14.50 for a burger at Fast Eddy’s is pretty steep especially when you compare it to Alfred’s Kitchen (read my Alfred’s review here) who make a quality burger, which tastes a million times better at a fraction of the price. I’m sure Matt Preston would agree and after watching Heston’s burger & chips pressure test on Masterchef tonight, I can say that everything in my Fast Eddy burger failed the pressure test.

The fish and chips my colleague had wasn’t any good either, she spent her time removing the batter from her room temperature fish…


I think if Fast Eddy’s is going to survive, they need to really up their quality.


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