An afternoon out in Mundaring – brings back childhood memories!

A few days before the Easter break burger boy said “keep Saturday free, I have a surprise for you” – I love surprises and could hardly wait!

Saturday morning I was pretty hyped and was still guessing even in the car (note: I have no sense of orientation and always get lost)…

Clue # 1 – burger boy packed the picnic rug and a couple of books into the car…
Clue # 2 – I was told to dress casual
Clue # 3 – We were heading towards the Swan Valley. But were going there the following day to burger boy’s parents place…
Clue #4 – burger boy said I may have been there before but we haven’t been together…

It wasn’t until Clue #4 when we reached the traffic lights at the intersection of Great Eastern Hwy and Roe Hwy that I guessed we were heading to Mundaring!

We went for a drive through John Forrest National Park then went to the Mundaring Arcade thinking we could share a burger from Mundy Gusto before heading to the Mundaring Hotel for lunch / drinks. Mundy Gusto was closed for the Easter break though so we didn’t get to try their much talked about burgers or milkshakes.

The Mundaring Hotel had won the 2009 WA’s Best Country Pub Steak Sandwich Competition so we both ordered the winning steak sandwich which was served in an olive Turkish bread with a perfectly cooked piece of sirloin steak, tasty caramelized onion and sweet relish with a side of chunky chips.

The Mundaring Hotel had been under new management since October last year and it just looked like your usual pub on entry but as we walked further into the dining area, we could see that it had been renovated…there was nice timber flooring and new light fixtures. The outside area was a bit of a turn off though, the ceiling of the patio was flapping a bit, I wasn’t so much afraid that it would fall on us but more so the noise which was a little annoying so we moved inside before our meals arrived. We were told by the bar staff that there’s still more renovations to follow including an upstairs whisky bar which sounds pretty cool.

As we had the entertainment voucher we received one of the steak sandwiches free (normally $20 each) so lunch cost us a total of $30 including two middies – very good value!!

Mundaring Hotel on Urbanspoon

After a very filling lunch we headed to the Mundaring Weir to revisit my childhood memories of the narrow bridge that I shakily crossing with my eyes closed more than a decade ago. It wasn’t as nerve wrecking as I remembered but I still couldn’t look down – the thought of falling through the wooden planks did cross my mind 😉 (note – I’m afraid of heights).

When I had visited Mundaring Weir as a child, at the end of the bridge, there was a dessert van waiting for us – can’t remember exactly but I think it would have been something like a Mr Whippy – this time round, there was no dessert van…which was disappointing but not surprising as there weren’t that many people around.

So to satisfy my craving for dessert, we went for a walk through Kalamunda and had two scoops of the crème caramel gelato ($3.50) from Collodel Ice Cream and Sorbet. It really did taste like crème caramel!

We also ordered the Apricot Fruit Whip which wasn’t as thick as I would have liked.

Collodel Ice Cream and Sorbet on Urbanspoon

We had a lovely sunny day out and about in the hills!

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  4 comments for “An afternoon out in Mundaring – brings back childhood memories!

  1. May 2, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    Good choice with the crème caramel! Thanks so much for the blogger award! :)
    Adrian (Food Rehab) recently posted..An Edible Guide to Daylesford- Victoria

    • May 2, 2011 at 8:30 pm

      Oh it was so delicious :) My mum’s just got into making homemade ice-cream and crème caramel has been added to the growing wish list!

      Your welcome – your food blog is cool and very worthy! And I love Melbourne food :) Cookie is my favourite for Thai!

  2. May 3, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    What a lovely surprise! I’ve heard about those steak sandwiches for a while now, might have to take my boy on a similar surprise soon :)

    Also, I think you dodged a bullet with the lack of a Mr Whippy van. The thought of crème caramel gelato is almost as good as the sight of it.
    Conor @ Hold the Beef recently posted..Happy Mum Day

    • May 3, 2011 at 9:44 pm

      Beer and a steak sandwich, what more can a man want! :) Plus if you got the entertainment book it’s so cheap – I think $30 is how much we normally pay each for breakfast at Wild Fig!

      I was hoping for one of those ice pops you pull out of the plastic cup…don’t know the technical name for it :) but you are right, the crème caramel was a much better dessert!

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