Following the Sushi Train at Jaws on Hay Street with my eager chopsticks…


I hadn’t been to Jaws in years as I’m not a huge sushi eater, but I’ve been twice in the last week!

What I love at Jaws is that regardless of how busy it is, the wait is only 5 – 10 minutes and since I went years ago the sushi train has added a number of new non-sushi dishes.

Following the sushi train eagerly with my chopsticks, this is what I had:

Fried Prawns

The prawns were beautiful and I love the lightness of Japanese batter. The ‘cocktail’ sauce had a nice spicy tang to it and was delicious with the prawn.

Chicken & Cucumber Sushi

I don’t eat a lot of sushi but I enjoyed this.

Rice Paper Rolls with Teriyaki Beef

I’ve had Chinese rice paper rolls before but the teriyaki flavouring was yum and the beef was very tender! This is one of my favourite dishes.

Fried Chicken

This was very similar to the prawns and was served with the same sauce – so no surprises that I enjoyed it.

Udon Noodle Soup with Chicken

I’ve been pretty bad this week, had Maccers and Nandos so this was good for the system – was a bonus that it tasted great too!

Both times I’ve been to Jaws, it has cost around $15 – $20 and I’ve left feeling full of energy (usually after lunch I’m feeling sleep and unproductive). Jaws on Hay Street is now on my top work lunch list and I’ve got a 25% entertainment book discount to use next time 🙂

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